Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ashkelon joins Sderot

Ashkelon is an Israeli city close to my heart. I love the beach there and the antiquities. I have friends I like to visit there. I like the simple, slightly laid back sleepy feel of the place.

Ashkelon is one of Israel's larger cities, population about 120,000 I think. Its southern outskirts are just about in range of Kassam rockets from Gaza, but most of the city has until recently not been within range.

In recent months Palestinian militias in Gaza have successfully used longer range Grad rockets which can hit all of Ashkelon, recently hitting a residential neighbourhood and causing alarm in the city. Over the last few days many more longer range Grad rockets have hit the city, falling in residential areas of the fairly densely populated city.

I last visited in late December, and I wanted to post some photos I took there of happier times in the city, before the air raid sirens and Grad rockets.

This bakery in the old town centre serves the most wonderful simple, and cheap local specialties. It also has a palm tree growing through the roof!

Kids adore this whale!

I love walks on the long beach and marina