Sunday, April 12, 2015

Giving thanks

So now we've had the week of horror at "nothing to eat" because of no kitniot, the other posts about how yom tov is "too much food" and today the endless complaints about rain in the spring, and yes, I get that it's fun to complain, but if I may be pardoned a rant of my own a few days before Yom Hashoah.

Barukh Hashem we have matza and wine and fresh fruits and veg and eggs and meat and fish for those who eat them and nuts and quinoa for those who don't. We are free to openly celebrate Pesah and have access to enough food that we and our families have the choice of what and how much to serve, safe in the knowledge that no one will either arrive or leave the yom tov meal starving. We have choices and bounty that even pre-Shoah Jews in comfortable communities would be in awe of.

Even in our days of comparitive comfort though there are families who cannot afford enough food for Pesah, and Barukh Hashem we live in communities where people donate and contribute and volunteer to help those who need it and invite those with nowhere to go.

It's true, the last few days in Israel have been unseasonally cold and wet, but please remember that every bit of rain is a brakhah that sustains life in this arid region. We are not so rich in water that we can complain about an extra "windfall" of rain so late in the season, especially after so many years of drought. And it isn't as if we didn't have plenty of days of sun to enjoy the beautiful Israeli spring before the weekend's cloudburst.

I'm not saying one can never complain (I would appear to be complaining right now) but please people, some perspective, some hakarat hatov.