Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snows of 2013 - Round Two

We don't get many years which are bracketed by snow like this, and even fewer where there is snow in both January and then December, and early in December at that. The snow storms this weekend were the heaviest in Israel in 60 years, much of the country was paralysed by snow or torrential rain and flooding. We were stuck in Jerusalem when we got snowed in when we went to visit a relative there.

Fortunately we had planned on spending the weekend there anyway and when we heard that it might snow we took the reports seriously, stocking up on food and candles, bringing extra warm clothing with us. We were lucky to be in a neighbourhood where there were only brief power outages, some areas were without power for many hours or even days. Below I've posted some photos of our snowbound experience by the Jerusalem Forest from Thursday to Sunday.