Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I found an orchid!

I was walking along the road in a nearby moshav when I spotted this, a Holy Orchid (orchis sancta) סחלב קדוש, first time I've seen one of these in my area. Not the most brilliant pics, granted, but I was in a rush, so here is my local orchid find:

This in turn has made me curious to learn more about our native orchids as it has been quite some time since I saw one in the wild, probably not since I used to regularly spend time in and around the Jerusalem Forest and in the Jerusalem suburbs, which would make it a few years. I'd would certainly be curious to go on one of the orchid walks organised by the Israeli Orchid Society I guess there is always next winter/spring, because as far as I know "my" orchid is the last one to bloom until the next rainy season.

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