Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Video of rocket damage and forest fires in northern Israel

I'm subscribed to a local JNF (KKL in Hebrew) mailing list which sends me hiking suggestions in different forests every week, in north, south and central Israel.

This week instead of their usual recommendations for northern Israel, they sent a video showing some of the forest fires and destruction caused by Hizballah rockets in northern Israel.

I thought that this video gives some perspectives on the scale of the damage up north. Every time there is a report that a rocket "fell in an open area", this is what it means - in a forest or someone's field or orchard, still causing massive damage. Katyushas fulling in "open areas" have proved lethal to anyone unlucky enough to be caught outdoors when the rockets struck.

This is one of the most scenic parts of Israel, with tourism and agriculture two of the main sources of income, so every forest, field and nature reserve burnt is someone's livelihood gone.

The interviews and commentary are only in Hebrew, but I figured some of the footage might be of interest even to those who don't understand:

Also see this article in the Jerusalem Post:

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