Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp David revisited?

The two cute little girls in pink and flowers in my living room are playing war, prisoners, ransoms, great escapes, spying and peace negotiations. All set in ancient Egypt. Well, aside from a few scenes in ancient Israel.

Tiny plastic snakes, lizards and scorpions are getting in on the action, plus a few dinosaurs, paleontologists, a motorbike, the Egyptian royal family and Moses and family too.

At one point A announces that she doesn't like this game anymore. "I don't get the point!"

J patiently explains "It's a game about trying to make peace between countries" 

A looks unconvinced.

"It's bad to hurt people and be mean to people, so it's good to try to make peace between people"

This satisfies A, and the negotiations between the Egyptian royal family, the Israelites led by Moses and various other factions resume. 

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