Sunday, July 03, 2011

Not arachnophobia

How to entertain the kids for an afternoon - spot a large spider trapped between the screen door and the glass door (ie where they can clearly see it but can't touch it or get dangerously close). 

Point it out to them. 

See them sit cross legged by the doors watching it on and off for most of the next few hours while Baby excitedly points and yells happily "akhavish" (Hebrew for spider), or, when it hides behind the window frame, dissapointedly "akhavish? akhavish?" 

Big sister keeps herself entertained making up stories about the spider and its extended family and web spinning antics. She names it Charlotte.

Charlotte hangs around the space between the screen door and the glass door for a few days. The kids look for her excitedly in the morning when they rise, wish her night night in the evening when she scurries into a crevice in the frame. 

On the fourth day Abba steps out onto the balcony and Charlotte escapes behind the aloe planter. 

Baby keeps searching the glass hopefully looking for the spider. "Akhavish? Where?"

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