Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love the ger

Folks overseas who may not have a clear understanding of the Middle East, I feel I really have to speak up. Over and over I see people posting on social media about "the Arabs" this and "the Arabs" that, and really, I understand you feel angry, but there is no monolithic "Arabs". The Middle East is not black and white, Israel's Arabic speaking minorities are not one monolithic group, the Arabs of the Middle East are not one monolithic group.

Right now there are Arab Israelis, many of them Muslims observing Ramadan, who are serving in the IDF and protecting us, including Iron Dome personnel and men called up on emergency Tzav 8 notices. There are Israeli Arabs coming under fire from Hamas rockets. Think about your language, think about what you are saying and who you are talking about. 

Think about Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or the international Jihad movement or the Palestinian leadership or specific Arab Israeli leaders whose behaviour has been less than noble. 

Then think about all the Arab Israelis and Bedouin volunteering in the IDF, all the Muslim Circassians, all the Arabic speaking Druze who serve in the IDF and remember what the Torah says over and over again about the commandment to love and grant fair and honourable treatment to the Ger, the loyal non-Jewish citizen of the Jewish state, many of whom have given their lives and may yet give their lives in the defence of Israel.


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