Friday, July 11, 2014

Operation Toffee Crunch

And in war humour today, many Israelis are distressed that Hamas has been targetting Beer Tuvia, home of Israel's Ben and Jerry's ice-cream factory. One friend went so far as to draft a spoof petition demanding that it get its own Iron Dome battery to protect this vital national asset, an important comfort mechanism in these stressful times.

I seem to have missed the section in the Pikud HaOref instructions where one is supposed to install a freezer in one's shelter and keep it stocked with emergency rations of Ben & Jerry's in a selection of flavours. 

Many friends however are strictly abiding by this unwritten rule and all over town there has been a run on luxury ice-cream stocks, with many flavours running out. Local social media has been full of discussions of where to find the most popular and which shops still have decent stocks. My FB feed is full of people reporting which flavours they indulged in during the evening's shelter stays,

It's gotten to the stage that folks are discussing which colourful Ben & Jerry's name would make the best code name for the war. Something a little more original than Protective Edge.

I'm sure pacfist Ben & Jerry's would be horrified, but maybe they could take heart in the comfort their product is bringing to so many civilians under rocket fire.

Operation Toffee Crunch anyone?

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